Behind these lifeless walls of brick and stone, a story lies

I’ve heard plenty of people complain that the town I live in is boring. And while, in certain aspects, that’s true (especially the “things to do on a Saturday night” and the “fast food places open after 10:00 pm” aspects), there’s actually some pretty interesting stuff there, if you just get yourself to look at it. Here’s a small collection of pictures I’ve taken that I feel at least begin to tell the tale so many people overlook.


Lights and Wonders: The Inaugural Post

Welcome to Lights and Wonders, my own personal corner of the internet! I’m Brett H, the curator of this little freak show, and you’ll get to know me quite well.

I plan to use this blog as a facet to explore life as I experience it. I love things like photography and writing, and I’m always looking for an outlet for all of my personal opinions and commentary.

So, enough from me. Enjoy the posts, and I hope to see you around here more often!

–Brett H

Just a good lookin' guy with some ear buds

Just a good lookin' guy with some ear buds